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Invisalign Orlando | Important Things to Know Before Starting Invisalign

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Invisalign Orlando | Important Things to Know Before Starting Invisalign

Are your misaligned teeth taking a toll on your self-esteem? If you’re put off by the impact that traditional braces have on your appearance, you’ll need to know more about Invisalign Orlando braces, the more discreet alternative to metal wires and brackets. This option straightens your teeth with the use of clear aligners that are virtually invisible to the naked eye. Are you thinking about starting Invisalign treatment? Check out the top things you need to know about it.

Keep Your Aligners in As Much as You Can

It’s during the first 48 hours when the aligners get to do a lot of work and you’ll start to get used to having them in your mouth. The only time that you take them out is when you brush your teeth, eat or drink. Once the first two days are over, it would be better for your teeth if you can keep the Invisalign in for about 22 hours minimum.

You’ll Get Faster Results than Metal Braces

Generally speaking, it doesn’t take long to see your desired results – if you keep your aligners in for as long as possible every day. A pre-arranged set of clear trays will be used to straighten your teeth. Every two weeks, your dentist will check your progress and change your trays into a new set of aligners to shift your teeth into their proper.

Adjust How You Speak

When you first put your Invisalign trays on, you’ll sound like you have a bit of a lisp when you talk. You’ll need to prepare yourself for this because you can’t do anything to prevent this from happening. Your dentist will recommend that you try to learn how to speak with the aligners inside your mouth.

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Invisalign Orlando is a Great Treatment

If you want to bring back the confidence to your smile, consider getting Invisalign Orlando treatment at Windermere Dental and Medical Spa. Call us to schedule an appointment!

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