GUMMY SMILE in Orlando, FL


Is excessive gum tissue causing you to feel self-conscious of your smile? Many people have a condition known as gummy smiles, where the amount of gum tissue is disproportionate to the size of your upper teeth. If a gummy smile is keeping you from smiling more often, Windermere Dental & Medical Spa offers specialized treatments to correct a gummy smile.

Located in Orlando, Florida, Windermere Dental & Medical Spa offers a diversity of expertise and procedures to enhance dental wellness and revitalize your aesthetic. Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment to learn about our treatments for a gummy smile!


There are a number of factors that can cause a gummy smile including:

  • Teeth that may seem shorter due to an improper eruption and are abnormally covered by gum tissue
  • Teeth that may appear smaller in comparison to the gums because of genetics or heavy use
  • A shorter upper lip
  • An upper lift that gets raised too high as a result of smiling
  • Gums that are enlarged through gingival hypertrophy
  • An enlarged upper jaw–known as a vertical maxillary excess– can make gums more visible
In many cases, a gummy smile is a purely aesthetic condition. A gummy smile is often determined by the shape and size of the lips, facial muscles, shape and size of the teeth, and the gum tissue itself. However, there are some cases where a more severe, underlying condition may be present. If the gummy smile is caused by an abnormally developed jaw or teeth, it may affect your oral health in the future. To best determine if a gummy smile is strictly an aesthetic concern, schedule your consultation appointment at your earliest convenience.

Gummy smile treatment may be right for you if you are:

Discomforted by how enlarged gum tissue is affecting your smile Looking to establish a greater proportion between the teeth and gums

Don’t let a gummy smile keep you from smiling. Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment and find out which of our treatment options will make you want to show off your smile!
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