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Botox Orlando | Biggest Botox Myths Busted

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Botox Orlando | Biggest Botox Myths Busted

Perhaps you’ve heard so much about Botox Orlando that you’re not even sure if what you know about it is factual or otherwise. Botox happens to be a neuromodulator that has been widely used in cosmetic treatments for more than a decade. To check if you’ve got your facts straight, take a look at the biggest Botox myths that you should stop believing.

Botox Orlando Can Work Anywhere on Your Face

There are certain areas on your face where Botox will work best – in the upper portion of your face where your frown lines and your crow’s feet meet. This treatment is great at relaxing the wrinkles that were formed due to your facial muscles’ overactivity. In the hands of a skilled injector, Botox also can work wonders in rebalancing your facial muscles in order to address your gummy smile, lift the drooping corners of your mouth while tightening your jawline and more.

Pregnant Women Can Use It

Although no scientific proof supports the claim that Botox is dangerous for pregnant women, it’s safety during pregnancy is not proven as well. If you’re pregnant, it’s best if you postpone your treatment until you’ve given birth.

It Can Cause Migraines

Generally speaking, this treatment doesn’t cause migraines. In fact, it’s even very effective at treating headaches and migraines.

It’s Extremely Painful

With an expert injector, treatments shouldn’t be painful, and no bruising should occur. Since the needles are tiny, pain, discomfort, and bruising are very unlikely. You can have your injections and go straight back to your workplace without anyone knowing.

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