Many of us have something in our mouths we would like to change. It could be crooked or misshapen teeth, a noticeable gap, or a severe under or overbite. We want to change these discrepancies, but we are fearful of one thing: Braces. The thought of having metal braces in our mouths for a couple years is scary for a variety of reasons. Teens may be worried about what their friends or people at school might say, and adults may be reluctant because they feel they’re getting something made for kids.

Windermere Dental & Medical Spa is proud to offer Invisalign®. By using a series of clear, removable plastic trays, both teens and adults work to fix their smile without the use of ugly metal braces.



Invisalign aligners are carefully designed to match the shape of your teeth perfectly. It brings you superior comfort and peace of mind when wearing them daily. The edges of the aligners are smoother compared to traditional braces to prevent accidental injuries. Most importantly, they can be removed and cleaned quickly and are barely visible.

Digital Scanning

The initial stages of planning and preparation of your Invisalign braces are painless and comfortable. The process utilizes digital imaging and 3D scans that are non-invasive and harmless. The computer-aided design technology does not need you to keep your mouth open for long to get dental impressions. It is excellent for people with gag reflexes.

Invisalign aligners are transparent in appearance. It benefits the wearer by rendering them virtually invisible. It prevents the embarrassment that often comes with wearing traditional metal braces that look ugly. It enhances the quality of your smile, which in turn boosts your self-confidence during social interactions.
No Restrictions on Food
When it comes to the food you consume, Invisalign has the advantage over traditional metal braces, there are fewer food restrictions with Invisalign. You can eat a variety of foods that require less chewing and are not sticky. You should avoid food items such as candies and things with hard shells and beverages that could stain the aligners.
Good Looks
An attractive smile that reflects your personality and confidence is one of the benefits of Invisalign aligners. They are almost invisible, so others do not even know you are wearing them. They are designed to fit perfectly over your natural teeth. It makes your smile brighter and consequently improves your facial looks.
Treatment Duration

Invisalign aligners have a distinct advantage over standard metal braces in the time taken for treatment. While conventional braces sometimes take up to 5-years for treatment completion, Invisalign takes a lot less. Standard treatment duration could last anywhere from 6-months to two years. The duration is specific to each individual and depends on health/hygiene factors.


Invisalign® aligns your teeth through a series of clear plastic aligners that are worn for around 20-22 hours a day. Each of these aligners are removable and should be taken out while eating and brushing and flossing. Each tray is virtually invisible and is custom made to fit your individual mouth. The trays are made from BPA-free plastic and only need to be rinsed with water after removal. 

No metal wires and brackets!
Unlike braces, which use obtrusive brackets and wires, Invisalign® uses a series of clear plastic trays that are practically invisible to the rest of the world. Braces’ metal brackets are also permanently on your teeth until the entire orthodontic process is completed.

Invisalign® uses multiple plastic trays over the course of your treatment. These trays are also removable so you never have to worry about getting food caught in your brackets or breaking a bracket during brushing.

The first step to getting Invisalign® is to set up a consultation with our dental team. In this meeting, we will go over all of Invisalign’s details with you and determine if you are a candidate for it. We will also need to take X-rays and do a comprehensive exam. If there is no active periodontal disease or tooth decay, we can then take a few pictures and impressions to send to Invisalign. They will then be able to tell us how many trays will be needed and about how long the process will take.

The length of time it takes to fix your teeth will vary from person to person, but most treatments are finished within 18 months. You will wear each tray for around 2 weeks, but this could also vary depending on which oral health problems you’re trying to fix.

Invisalign® could be a great alternative to getting traditional braces. You’ll love being able to fix your smile without worrying about having ugly metal brackets in your mouth, the trays are easy to remove and even easier to clean, and you’ll especially love the confidence you’ll have with your beautiful new smile.

1. Personalized Treatment in Orlando

Our motto is to ensure that every patient receives personalized treatment. We diagnose your issue and prescribe a unique treatment plan just for you—our treatment plan factors in your previous medical history. We schedule appointments to prevent conflicts with your personal or business engagements. Our team is friendly and open to assisting you.

2. Your First Visit

Our groundwork and preparation for your specialized treatment commence on your first visit. We analyze your teeth to determine the best option. We inquire about your medical history and scheduling preferences. These details help us put in motion the most effective treatment plan. We also share our contact details to get in touch with us.

3. We Build Trust

We believe in open communication and trust between doctors and patients. It fosters a great collaboration spirit that is mutually beneficial to both parties. We are honest and transparent about our treatment plans, as well as pricing. We are happy to answer all your questions, so you are comfortable and satisfied with our team.

4. We Follow Modern Techniques

We are well-versed in the most modern and cutting-edge orthodontic techniques. Our treatment methodology in Orlando is designed to put you at ease and in comfort throughout your treatment. Our methods are aimed at minimizing pain and aiding swift recovery. We are quick to adopt the best practices recommended by the dental fraternity.

5. Latest Technology

You will find our clinics equipped with the most recent and cutting-edge technology. We invest significantly in upgrading our equipment. We ensure that all our staff in Orlando are well trained in the usage of the latest technology tools and equipment. We are an eco-friendly team and use technology that benefits the environment and minimizes waste.

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