When we lose a tooth as children all we have to do is wait for another tooth to replace it. Unfortunately, when we lose teeth as an adult we don’t have that luxury. Unlike sharks who have an unlimited supply of teeth, humans have only one set of adult teeth. Teeth are lost for a variety of reasons and one of the best ways to replace a tooth is a dental implant.


Endosteal: This is the most common type of implant. It’s where a screw is placed directly into the jawbone. Each screw can hold one or more teeth and is given to patients as an alternative to bridges or a full set of dentures. Because the screw is placed directly in the jawbone and the tooth fits directly into the screw, the jawbone is preserved by placing implants.



Dental implants are sturdy and built to last. They often last a lifetime with proper oral care. The failure rates are high for other dental restorations owing to reasons like decay or bone loss. It requires that the restoration be replaced or refitted. As the Dental implants are insusceptible to such risks, they last long.

Enhanced Ability to Eat

Anchoring of dental implants in your mouth mimics the hold and strength of your natural teeth. It reduces bone resorption and safeguards your jawbone after obtaining dental implants, your ability to chew and bite as well as speak improves significantly. There are no restrictions on the type of food you eat or drink.

You Can Prevent Bone Loss

A common pitfall of other types of dental restorations is bone loss. Tooth loss causes bone loss and a reduction in jaw bone stimulation. Dental implants have proven to be the best option that replaces teeth and also prevents the damage mentioned above. They replace the stimulation of the jaw bone and avert bone loss.

The Shape of the Face Remains the Same

Your face tends to change shape after a tooth loss, which gives you an older appearance. Dental implants lend the same support and strength that upholds the shape of your face as natural teeth. Dental implants can make the skin around your face appear tighter. It lends a youthful appearance and a naturally vibrant smile.

Smile with Confidence

The most significant aesthetic benefit of dental implants is the natural appearance it lends to your facial structure and teeth. They appear a lot more natural than any other dental restorative technique. These factors can vastly improve the quality of your smile. Dental implants have proven to boost self-confidence during everyday social interactions.

Easy to Care

Dental implants last a lifetime with regular care and maintenance. They are relatively easy to maintain and rarely require a visit to your dentist. Maintenance for dental implants is the same as for natural teeth, and they tend to attract the same diseases as natural teeth. It includes regular brushing, flossing, and healthy oral hygiene.


The biggest factor when it comes to dental implants is the health of the gums and jawbone. Because the screw is being implanted directly into the jawbone, it’s important that the patient has good oral health to improve the long term prognosis of the implant.

It is possible that additional procedures need to be done prior to placing a dental implant especially if the tooth has been missing for many years. It is usually better to have teeth replaced sooner rather than later.

The great thing about implants is their ability to seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth and make it seem like you never had a problem at all. Just like with your natural teeth, regular brushing and flossing are required to maintain the health of the implant, and you should always continue to see your dentist. But other than general oral health, no special care is required.

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