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Zoom Whitening


Zoom Whitening

It is recommended that you have a regular cleaning done before the Zoom whitening process. After the lips and gums are protected, your dentist will apply the Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and allow it to work for 15 minutes. During this time, a UV light is used to help the gel activate and dry. This will be done three times for a total of 45 minutes in three sessions. Your dentist will also give you a home touch up kit that includes custom fitted whitening trays. You should also avoid certain foods like coffee and red wine in order to preserve the whitening effects immediately after the treatment.

Benefits of Zoom whitening:

  • Fast procedure
  • Semi-permanent effects
  • Effective
  • Take home Trays
  • Custom fit
  • Multiple treatments

Whitening is one if the most popular cosmetic dental procedures available today. Our team is here to help you gain confidence in your new bright and beautiful smile. Call today if you have any questions about the Zoom whitening procedure.