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Teeth Cleaning Orlando | The Difference Between Basic Dental Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

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Teeth Cleaning Orlando | The Difference Between Basic Dental Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

Did you know that a person’s oral health is one of the most neglected aspects of a person’s overall health? When the need to address dental and oral issues has fallen to the wayside, you’ll eventually find yourself dealing with serious health-related problems. Therefore, keeping your pearly whites clean is definitely a no-brainer. One way to effectively do this is to regularly see your dentist for a professional Teeth Cleaning Orlando appointment. Think of it as the ultimate weapon that blasts away at plaque and gum disease before they cause more problems.

The Two Types of Teeth Cleaning Procedures

  • Basic Dental Cleaning

If you don’t have gum disease or bone loss, your dentist will advise you to seek basic dental cleaning every six months. Basic dental cleaning focuses on your teeth’s surfaces and between and above the gumline to treat mild cases of gingivitis, stains, plaque, and tartar. Using a small mirror, a dental professional examines your teeth and gums to check for signs of oral health concerns. If none is discovered, the dentist begins to remove the plaque and tartar using a tool called a scaler. Next, an electric toothbrush will be used to scrub your plaque-free and tartar-free teeth before the dentist flosses them and rinses them out.

  • Deep Cleaning

This is done for patients with gum and periodontal disease or those who haven’t received standard cleaning for some time. It’s almost the same as the basic dental cleaning except for the fact that the dentist will perform root planing to get rid of the tartar and plaque from the roots of your teeth. At least 2 visits are required to complete a deep cleaning procedure.

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Where to Keep Your Mouth Clean Thanks to Teeth Cleaning Orlando:

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