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Teeth Cleaning Orlando | The Basics of a Teeth Cleaning Procedure

where is the best teeth cleaning orlando?
Teeth Cleaning Orlando | The Basics of a Teeth Cleaning Procedure

If you find yourself dreading your upcoming teeth cleaning Orlando procedure, you’re not alone. In fact, 34% of American adults decide to skip their yearly dental checkup because they don’t like strange noises, the prodding, and the jaw discomfort that go with it. To give you an idea about what happens during a teeth cleaning Orlando procedure, take a look at this:

A Thorough Physical Exam of Your Mouth

Before the usual scraping begins, your teeth will be thoroughly examined by the dental hygienist or the dentist. A small mirror will be used to check your teeth and gums for signs of gingivitis or other concerns.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

Next, the hygienist uses a scaler to remove plaque and tartar in between the teeth and around the gum line. Don’t freak out if you hear a weird scraping sound. It only means that the dentist is scraping tartar from a particular spot.

Gentle Scrubbing of Your Teeth

A high-powered electric brush with a gritty toothpaste will be used to gently scrub your teeth. The grinding sensation is meant to remove any tartar that was left behind by the scaler. Although the special toothpaste tastes and smells like your regular toothpaste, you can also choose between a variety of flavors. Using this toothpaste at home is discouraged because it may wear down your enamel if the scrubbing isn’t done by a dentist.

Rinsing and Fluoride Treatment

Next, your mouth is rinsed out with liquid fluoride to remove any trace of the debris before your dentist gives you a fluoride treatment. Flavored fluoride in the form of a sticky paste or a foamy gel will be placed into a mouthpiece and fitted over your teeth for a minute. This will seal and protect your teeth from cavities for several months.

where is the best teeth cleaning orlando?

Learn More About Teeth Cleaning Orlando

If you have more questions about professional teeth cleaning Orlando, call Windermere Dental and Medical Spa today to schedule a consultation.

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