What is Hyperhidrosis? Axillary Hyperhidrosis refers to excessive sweating of the underarms. This common disorder affects 1 in 40.  Excessive underarm sweating tends to start in late adolescence. Untreated this problem continues for life. Sweating is an embarrassing problem for a lot of people that can affect relationships at home, work and with family.

How Does Genius work? Genius uses the heat and energy of radiofrequency to destroy sweat glands.  Reduced sweating is noted right away and is long lasting.  You can expect 30% reduction after one treatment, 50% reduction after two treatments and 70% reduction after 3 treatments. (We found more than 50% improvement after only one visit using our settings and technique).

Is it Painful?  If you have had Genius done on the face or neck you already know that it is quite uncomfortable.  For face and neck treatments we use numbing cream and the Zimmer chiller.  The underarm Genius treatment is different because we do a total of six passes at three different depths.  Right away, I knew that more would need to be done. The area needs to be numbed with injections before the procedure.  We have perfected these injections and trust me, it makes it all worthwhile!  With the lidocaine you will be fine.  We also have the Zimmer which can be added. Numbing wears off in several hours.

What is my recovery time?  You will be red and mildly swollen for several days.  Bruising from the numbing injections is likely but will go away.  For the discomfort you can take Tylenol or Ibuprofen over the counter.  Also, you can ice for 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off taking care to not over-ice for the first few hours.  We found that a few minutes of icing while still at the med spa was all that  was needed.  If you do hard physical labor with your arms, I would plan on taking 2-3 days off work.  For the first 24 hours everyone should avoid cardio workouts.  Limit exposure to sun and heat for several days.  Underarm deodorant may be used the next day.

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