Inflammatory, active acne develops and contributes to irritated skin leading to unwanted discoloration, blemishes and inconsistent skin texture. This is a common concern among younger adults and creates many psychological consequences for the patients affected by acne outbreaks. No treatment is perfect, but some solutions are easier to tolerate and offer additional aesthetic benefits.

The patented Hollywood Laser Peel® (AcnePeel™) treatment can help address some of the causes of active acne. Causes such as hormonal influenced over-production of sebum in the sebaceous glands, clogged pores as well as heredity and younger age (15-30) are big factors in predicting who may experience active acne. Lutronic holds a patent for curing inflammatory acne by applying a carbon lotion onto a face covered with acne, irradiating the applied lotion with a microsecond laser pulse followed by a nanosecond laser pulse to help exfoliate the outer skin layer. This technique sterilizes the acne bacilli and opens skin pores clogged with sebum, thereby entirely treating the inflammatory acne

* No downtime, painless, quick & comfortable

* Safe for all skin types

* Smoother, softer & velvety skin

* Improves appearance of fine lines & pores

* Treats active acne, hyperpigmentation and melasma

* Evens out skin tone & improves skin texture

* Youthful, glowing, radiant-looking skin

* Improved self-image and self-confidence

There is no downtime for the Hollywood Spectra

There is no pain or downtime

In just one treatment, you will have visible results. However, you may need multiple Hollywood Laser Peels to attain optimal results.

Please note that some patients may need more than six treatments for optimal results. The results will vary depending on health history and are highly dependent on how well each client follows the laser hair removal prep protocol, as well as the aftercare instructions. Clients interested in successful laser hair removal should also stop tanning, waxing, tweezing, threading and using depilatory creams/gels on the areas to be treated 4 weeks prior to their first laser hair removal treatments and during the entire treatment process (which is usually 6-18 months.) Hair supplements and prescriptions (like biotin or Rogaine) should be discontinued during the treatment process to allow the laser to properly weaken the follicles.

Cost will be determined during your consultation.

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