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Stubborn Pigment, Rosacea, & Melasma

Stubborn Pigment, Rosacea, & Melasma

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You’re dealing with some persistent dark pigments, maybe some rosacea or even melasma. Let’s dive into it together.

When it comes to any of these, we’ve got the expertise to work our magic. But let’s have a candid chat, just you and me. If you’re facing rosacea or melasma, it’s important to know that we can manage them effectively, but they’re not something that vanishes completely. The silver lining? Our experience ensures we can guide your skin to a fabulous place – it just takes a bit of time and there’s some triggers we will educate you about to help keep it at bay.

Now, here’s the scoop: Each situation is unique, and treatments can vary widely based on the individual. That’s why a proper consultation is key – it’s where we dive into the nitty-gritty, discuss your expectations, and map out the road to remarkable results. So, let’s chat, plan, and make your skin journey something truly special!

Want a personalized plan?

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that while I’ve put together some fantastic options that could be a perfect fit for your goals, these suggestions are not set in stone. The magic truly happens when you connect with our skilled providers during a consultation. This one-on-one session is an essential step prior to any treatment, as it allows our experts to tailor their recommendations specifically to your unique needs and desires. So, while these initial ideas are a great starting point, the real fun begins when we customize a plan that’s just right for you!


LaseMD Ultra is a great option for those who have stubborn pigment or melasma. We have special settings for our melasma patients with Lase, including the use of Tranexamic Acid post-treatment, to help with melanin production. This is something we can discuss at your consultation. We like to pair Lase treatments with other lasers with specialty melasma settings to really precisely target the source of your melasma.  Imagine a treatment that combines the best of both worlds: the precision of laser technology and the gentle touch of non-ablative resurfacing. LASEMD Ultra works its magic by promoting collagen production, evening out skin tone, and revealing your skin’s natural radiance. It’s like giving your skin a refreshing drink of vitality, leaving you with a smoother, more youthful complexion.

LaseMD Ultra is very customizable and there can be some downtime with this treatment. LaseMD Ultra on it’s own (or paired with BBL or Genius RF) uses numbing cream for most treatments. For the MK Filter, there is very minimal downtime with LaseMD Ultra, and no numbing.

*PRO TIP*  LaseMD Ultra is a powerhouse when stacked with other treatments!



The Hollywood Laser is a popular option for our melasma patients, with special melasma-specific settings. We love to use this in combo with our other melasma-focused lasers. Hollywood Laser is a non-invasive entry-level that uses a combination of laser energy and a specialized carbon lotion to exfoliate the skin, reduce signs of aging, and improve overall skin tone and texture. This is a great starter laser for first-timers.

Hollywood Laser has no downtime, and makeup can be worn the same day. 



The pinnacle of vascular lasers. DermaV is heaven for our rosacea patients. This cutting-edge technology combines power, adaptability, and comfort like never before. With a range of wavelengths and advanced cooling, it’s highly effective and virtually painless. No need for additional numbing methods – DermaV has you covered. Say hello to the future of vascular treatments, redefining skincare with precision and ease.

Although DermaV does not require numbing, a more aggressive treatment may result in some redness post-treatment and/or swelling. For the MK Filter, there is very minimal downtime with DermaV.

*PRO TIP*  DermaV & LaseMD Ultra combined, with specialty settings, are the minimal-to-no downtime treatment known as MK Filter!


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