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PA Kennedy & NP Jackson Attend Swift Beauty Masterclass

PA Maegen Kennedy and NP Sheree Jackson attended a virtual masterclass hosted by the renowned Dr. Arthur Swift.

Topics of the Masterclass:

  • Beauty ideals
  • Detailed facial injection anatomy
  • A systematic approach to full face assessment and treatment with syringe therapy
  • Advances in the consultation process for optimizing patient experience and conversion rates to treatment
  • Tips and tricks to optimize the patient’s injection experience through minor discomfort and minimal bruising
  • Full face neuromodulator coverage including glabella, forehead, crow’s feet, bunny lines, eyelid aperture, mentalis, DAOs, upper and lower lip line, masseters, parotid, submandibular glands, platysma, Nefertiti and microBtx-A
  • Syringe and cannula aseptic filler technique for forehead/temple contouring, infrabrow A-frame correction, eyebrow lift, lateral canthus reshaping, nasal enhancement (form and function), cheek augmentation, lip augmentation/enhancement, chin zone reflation, earlobe restructuring, pre-and post-jowl treatment, radial cheek line and nasolabial fold softening, pyriform structuring, dynamic discord improvement, jawline contouring/lower facial redraping and novel combination treatment for barcode/necklines/crow’s feet
  • Injection techniques to enhance feminization or masculinization of the facial appearance
  • Defined methods to minimize the risk of disastrous complications
    Field-tested reliable protocols for treatment of filler and toxin complications

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