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Orlando Root Canal | Signs for Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a restorative dental procedure that repairs a badly damaged tooth. This is usually performed by the dentist when the tooth can no longer be restored any other way. Let’s keep reading for more information about your Orlando root canal specialists!


Tooth Sensitivity

Does your toothache whenever you drink a cup of hot coffee or a glass of iced tea? Perhaps the sensation starts off as a dull ache that eventually progresses into a sharp pain. Your tooth’s sensitivity to heat or cold is a sure sign that your tooth’s blood vessels and nerve endings are damaged.

Throbbing Pain 

If your tooth needs a root canal, it will hurt when you chew. The throbbing pain can become strong enough to keep you up at night. A molar that needs a root canal may even cause you to feel pain in your ear or your jaw.

Lump Formation

Keep an eye out for a pimple-like yellow, white, or red lumps called fistulae that form on the gums just above or near the affected tooth. Pus fills these bumps and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. A fistula signals an infection in one of your teeth.

Gum Inflammation

Are you currently dealing with gum tenderness? If your gums become very sensitive to touch, pressure, or contact with food—you may need a root canal.

Tooth Discoloration

A nerve growth problem is often indicated by the darkened appearance of your tooth. This may be caused by several reasons – trauma caused by an accident, chips or cracks.

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