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Microblading in Orlando | Why Should I Get Microblading?

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Microblading in Orlando | Why Should I Get Microblading?

Did you know that eyebrows frame your face? These beauties are especially sought after where perfect eyebrows are the current trend. Microblading in Orlando gives you a semi-permanent fix to perfect eyebrows! Keep reading for more information!


What It Is

Foremost, microblading is a semi-permanent procedure for brow shaping. The substance is applied hair by hair to give you natural-looking brows.

The pigment is placed on the top layer of your skin. It will stay on the treated areas for several months until your next touch-up. The procedure reduces the need for brow tools such as pencils, pomades, and gels.


What to Expect

Moreover, the procedure begins with a proper sit-down with your esthetician. Your esthetician will help you decide on an appropriate brow color that complements your hair. Then, a numbing ointment is placed on top of your brows so you can feel less pain. Then, your esthetician will begin with hand-held tools.

Furthermore, microblading has little or no recovery period. Afterward, the color will be initially darker than your brows. The pigment will lighten a few days after the procedure.

Typically, we recommend our clients to make a follow-up appointment in 4-8 weeks. This is so we can effectively check on the progress of your new brows!


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Are You in Need of Microblading in Orlando?

Lastly, we know how important getting the perfect brows are to you. At Windermere Dental and Medical Spa, our in-house experts specialize in microblading in Orlando. Our unparalleled services are what sets us apart from the rest. Contact us today to schedule an appointment today!

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