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Medical Estheticians

You can trust your skin in the hands of our exceptional esthetician, Brittnee Thomas, who brings a wealth of experience and a touch of enchantment to Windermere Medical Spa & Laser Institute. With a background spanning 5 years in the field of aesthetics, Brittnee has honed her skills to provide extraordinary care to our valued clients.

Brittnee’s journey in aesthetics began 5 years ago at The Four Seasons, where she got her start as an esthetician. During this time, she learned the importance of excellence and developed a deep passion for helping individuals feel their absolute best.

Prior to her journey in aesthetics, Brittnee graced the magical realms of Disneyworld and Disney Cruise Line for an impressive 9 years. During her time there, she brought beloved characters like Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Sally to life, captivating the hearts of countless visitors. It was her deep desire to create magic in a different way that led her to pursue a career in aesthetics. Brittnee’s true passion lies in helping individuals build confidence and feel their absolute best, using her expertise to unlock their inner beauty.

Along her journey, she met and married a “London Boy” (a nod to her favorite, Taylor Swift) during her tenure with the Disney Cruise Line, and their love story continues to flourish as they eagerly awaits the arrival of their child, expected to grace their lives in July.

At Windermere Medical Spa & Laser Institute, Brittnee Thomas channels her magical experiences and profound understanding of aesthetics to create an atmosphere of transformation and self-assurance for our cherished clients. With her unwavering commitment to excellence and her genuine passion for making a positive impact, Brittnee plays a pivotal role in helping individuals embrace their unique beauty and radiate with confidence.

Allow us to introduce Jordan Thien, our exceptional medical esthetician who brings a blend of passion, personal experience, and a deep understanding of skincare to Windermere Medical Spa & Laser Institute. Since relocating from Kentucky to Orlando two years ago, Jordan has been making a positive impact on our clients’ lives through her expertise and genuine care.

Jordan’s journey into the world of aesthetics was sparked by her mother’s love for the field. Witnessing firsthand the transformative power of skincare, she was inspired to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them feel their best. Jordan’s own experience with severe cystic acne further fueled her passion, leading her to embark on a remarkable skin journey at our practice. With the guidance and support of our dedicated team and her own diligent efforts, Jordan successfully treated her acne, emerging with radiant, healthy skin.

Driven by her own transformative experience, Jordan strives to make a profound impact on others. She understands the challenges and emotions that can accompany skincare journeys and is committed to providing compassionate support to each client she encounters. Jordan’s goal is to ensure that every individual feels empowered, knowing that they are not alone on their own unique skin journey.

At Windermere Medical Spa & Laser Institute, Jordan Thien stands out as a caring and knowledgeable professional who combines her personal experiences, expertise, and a genuine desire to make a difference. With her warm demeanor and dedication to helping others, she creates a safe and welcoming environment where clients can embark on their own transformative skincare journeys with confidence.

In addition to her dedication to aesthetics, Jordan is a proud mom to her beloved labradoodle named Case, who brings joy and companionship to her daily life. As a true admirer of Dolly Parton, Jordan finds inspiration in the icon’s resilience, kindness, and unwavering spirit.