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We use our hands for almost every task on a regular basis. Most people tend to focus on their face, neck, and lower body when it comes to rejuvenation. However, hands are an overlooked feature that is prone to wrinkles and sun spots. Let’s keep reading for more information about the best medical spa in Orlando!

What It Is

In the first place, hand rejuvenation involves restoring the skin on your hands back to its natural glory! Since this is the part of the body that is used the most, you should have it taken care of. A laser treatment is essential for rejuvenating your hands through multiple visits.

Common Cases

In addition, there are numerous benefits associated with receiving a hand rejuvenation treatment. If you have any of the following skin concerns visit us right away!

Skin changes

  • over time skin becomes thin
  • skin elasticity is reduced

Age Spots

  • due to chronic sun exposure
  • comes in the form of sun spots, brown in color
  • may be a sign of early skin cancer

Fat loss

  • fat reduces over time
  • creates visible tendons with significant fat loss

Enlarged veins

  • a result of tissue loss

Moreover, the top layer of your skin is removed—including brown spots, patches, or skin barnacles. This option is used for skin changes and age spots. Calcium-based fillers are utilized for fat loss and enlarged veins.

Contact Your Medical Spa in Orlando Today!

Lastly, we know that you can benefit greatly by receiving the proper hand rejuvenation treatment! That’s why we’re your experts for getting the best treatment for you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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