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Invisalign Orlando | How to Expedite the Invisalign Process

who offers invisalign orlando?
Invisalign Orlando | How to Expedite the Invisalign Process

Patients who have crooked and misaligned teeth are usually advised to see an orthodontist. During your initial consultation, your orthodontist will introduce you to a variety of orthodontic treatments. One of the most popular treatments today is Invisalign Orlando. Invisalign will give you the same amazing results as traditional metal braces but the only difference is that they are virtually invisible – no wires and no brackets. The results are also faster with Invisalign but if you want to speed up the process, we recommend you do the following tips:

Wear Your Invisalign as Recommended

We hear so many patients complain that their treatment is taking too long without realizing that it’s actually their fault. You see, when you are wearing aligners your orthodontist will give you specific instructions on how long you should wear them. Usually, you will be asked to wear them 22 hours a day. The remaining 2 hours are for eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth. If you don’t wear your aligners for 22 hours you won’t be able to see results.

Brush Your Teeth Before Wearing Invisalign

Food particles and plaque won’t slow down your progress but if you start developing cavities and decay your orthodontist may have to perform additional dental work thereby slowing down your treatment. It’s also possible that if you don’t clean your mouth the bacteria present will destroy your aligners compromising its flexibility and efficacy in moving your teeth.

Show Up During Dental Appointments

Just because you’re wearing aligners doesn’t mean you don’t have to see your orthodontist. If you don’t follow your regular dental schedule you can expect your treatment to be delayed.

who offers invisalign orlando?

Looking for Invisalign Orlando?

You can expedite the Invisalign Orlando process by avoiding the points mentioned above. Windermere Dental & Medical Spa, we are devoted to providing the highest quality family dental and medical services. Our skilled & trusted providers always utilize the most advanced techniques, devices, and procedures with great expertise, safety & integrity. Call us or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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