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How to Prevent and Reverse Tooth Decay

Is there a way to prevent cavities? How about reversing it? The answer is yes to both questions. During your annual dental checkup, your Dentist 32836 will teach you ways on how to care for your teeth in order to keep cavities at bay. If cavities are already present your dentist can still be able to reverse it as long as it is not that extensive. Otherwise, your dentist will be compelled to extract the decayed tooth. Here are a few tips on how to prevent cavities as well as the different treatment methods of reversing it.

Cavity Prevention and Treatment

Cavity Prevention Measures

You’ve heard the old adage “Prevention is better than cure”. If you’ve heard it we’re assuming that you are practicing it in your everyday life. This applies to dental care. When you practice preventive measures by brushing your teeth at least twice a day using fluoride-based toothpaste, flossing your teeth daily, and regularly seeing your Dentist 32836, your chances of developing cavities are slim. To ensure that you don’t forget, establish an oral care routine and schedule appointments with your dental care provider at the very start of the year.

Reversing Tooth Decay

If you have cavities don’t fret because your Dentist 32836 can treat it. In fact, if the cavities have just started out your dentist may be able to reverse it. One way of reversing cavities is through fluoride treatments. This type of treatment will help restore the integrity and strength of your enamel as well as reverse cavities that are in their early stage. Dental fillings also known as restorations can help stop the progression of decay. Dental crowns are another option wherein your dentist will drill and remove the decayed part and cap it off with a porcelain crown.

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