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Dentist Windermere | Why It’s Important to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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Dentist Windermere | Why It’s Important to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Have you experienced tooth loss? If yes, you’re not the only one. As a matter of fact, millions of Americans lose their teeth every day especially when they reach the age of 50. The usual reasons for tooth loss include facial injury, gum disease, tooth decay, and smoking. Tooth loss does not only deprive you of a beautiful smile it will also affect your facial structure, your bite, and your speech and not to mention your self-esteem, which is why it is very important that you keep your teeth healthy while you can.

Increases Your Life Expectancy

Several studies reveal that individuals who have all of their teeth intact by the time they reach 74 years old have a higher chance of reaching 100 years old compared to those who have already lost at least five teeth when they were 65 years old. The latter are more prone to experience premature death compared to the former.

Enhance Your Quality of Life

Damage to your teeth goes beyond aesthetics as it creates inconvenience. When your teeth are misaligned you are likely to experience digestive problems. You’ll also have a difficult time pronouncing words since it will affect your speech. When your teeth are healthy it will improve your quality of life.

Lessen Your Risk of Health Problems

Are you aware that missing teeth will predispose you to other health problems like heart disease, diabetes, dementia, arthritis, and even oral cancer? Statistics show that more than 66% of American adults who are 60 years old and older suffer from periodontal disease – a kind of infection caused by bacteria that affects the soft tissues in your mouth and your jawbone. Women who have periodontal disease are at greater risk of premature death.

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