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Dentist Windermere FL | Telltale Signs You Need a Tooth Extraction

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Dentist Windermere FL | Telltale Signs You Need a Tooth Extraction

Any dentist Windermere FL will often go above and beyond to save their patient’s permanent teeth and most patients would often want to steer clear from having a tooth removed. However, there are several cases where the only option left is dental extraction. Here are some of them:

Irreversible Damage Due to Tooth Decay

When the bacteria that was produced by the decay reaches the center of the tooth or the pulp, an infection takes place. Your dentist may perform a root canal procedure on a desperate attempt to save your tooth. However, in cases where the infection is severe, a dental extraction may be performed to keep the infection from spreading.

Periodontal Disease

This starts with gingivitis or the infection of the gums. With regular brushing and visits to your dentist, this condition can be prevented. However, if this is left untreated, the infection spreads to the periodontal ligaments, alveolar bone as well as the other structures that surround the affected tooth. In some cases, this may result in the loosening of the tooth in question. When this happens, the best dental option would be a dental extraction.

Impacted Tooth

When a wisdom tooth is blocked from coming out, your dentist may recommend its extraction to prevent it from causing damage to the rest of your teeth.


Overcrowding in the mouth may be eliminated if one or a few teeth will be extracted. Tooth extraction is also recommended for patients who are about to undergo an orthodontic treatment so that their teeth will have enough room to shift to their proper positions.

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