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Dental Implants Orlando | Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implant Recovery

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Dental Implants Orlando | Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implant Recovery

Tooth loss is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, millions of Americans lose their teeth every year. People lose their teeth for a number of reasons. It could be because of facial trauma, tooth decay or gum disease. Whatever the reason it’s important to replace missing teeth ASAP. If you don’t replace missing teeth, you’ll put yourself at risk for more oral health problems. The majority of Americans are looking into dental implants Orlando to replace missing teeth. If you’re interested, we’re sure you have a lot of questions in mind especially when it comes to recovery. The following are frequently asked questions about dental implant recovery:

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The Most Common Questions About Dental Implant Recovery

What Can I Expect After Receiving Dental Implants?

After receiving dental implants, you will experience tenderness and soreness. However, the pain and discomfort will subside over time. If the pain worsens you have to call your cosmetic dentist immediately so he or she can check the site for signs of infection. Swelling is to be expected and it usually lasts between two to three days.

When Can I Achieve Complete Recovery?

The recovery period is different for every patient. There are patients who recover fast while there those who heal much slower. For individuals who received one or two dental implants, the recovery period can be as little as 24 to 48 hours. However, for patients who received tissue or bone grafts prior to dental implant surgery because their jawbone is insufficient their recovery period can take much longer usually lasting for at least seven to fourteen days. Hygiene, health, age, and lifestyle all play an important role in recovery post-surgery.

who offers dental implants orlando?

Are You Ready to Receive Dental Implants Orlando?

Keep in mind that you need to cooperate and commit to following your cosmetic dentist’s instructions for a successful surgery. Make your oral health a priority by seeing your dentist and following his or her instructions. At Windermere Dental & Medical Spa, we are devoted to providing the highest quality family dental and medical services. Our skilled & trusted providers always utilize the most advanced techniques, devices, and procedures with great expertise, safety & integrity. Call us or visit our website to book an appointment or to learn more about our services.

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