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Do your brows need a total makeover? In case you’re not aware, most women think that their eyebrows are the most important features on their faces. Just so you know, Brow Tinting Orlando is one of the most effective ways to keep your brows in their best shape. Here are the top questions about Brow Tinting Orlando that you need to know:

What Can Brow Tinting do for You?

Tinted brows make fuller-looking frames for your face because the tint that touches the fine vellus hair on your brows will add depth and dimension to your look. Aside from this, Brow Tinting Orlando will also lengthen your brow ends where the hairs are finer and lighter.

How Often Should Eyebrows be Tinted?

Since each person’s hair type takes to tint differently, eyebrow tinting varies from person to person. Also, the timeline for Brow Tinting Orlando isn’t the same as having your hair colored. On average, the tint starts to slowly fade after three to four weeks. However, what’s great about Brow Tinting Orlando is that it doesn’t cause your brows to go through a messy grow out period as your hair does with hair color.

How Do I Keep my Tinted Brows in Place?

Do you have thick and course brows? If you do, you can use pomades and brow gels to make your hair lay flat. Use a brush to apply the pomade through your brow. Remember to brush in an upward motion if you want to make your brows look fuller. You can choose to use clear mascara if you feel like not adding any color to them. If you’re planning to fill in your brows with powder, use an angled brow brush and apply the powder in an upward motion to achieve those hair-like strokes.

How Do I Know Which Color to Choose?

Choose a color that mimics the deepest shade in the hair on your head for a more natural look. However, if you want to add more definition, try adding one to two shades deeper than your hair’s base tone.

Leave Brow Tinting Orlando to the Pros

Windermere Dental and Medical Spa offers excellent Brow Tinting Orlando services that will give you your desired results! Call us now to set up an appointment!

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