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Did you know that your eyebrows are a great way to frame your face? We offer extensive brow tinting services suited to enhance your natural beauty! Keep reading for more information about the best brow tinting in Orlando!

What It Is

First things first—brow tinting is the cosmetic application of darkening your brows. Your brows are darkened with a dye that is suited to fit the color of your hair color. After a period of time, the dye will lighten to look naturally like you.


In addition, eyebrow tinting requires a very detailed procedure. You should expect your aesthetician to speak with you to discuss which brow tint color will match your overall natural hair color. When the two complement each other, it will make your features look more natural.

Moreover, your aesthetician will cleanse the treated eyebrow area before dying. Then, your eyebrow hair will be brushed to fit the desired shape for your face. A unique cream is then applied to the treated area to avoid skin staining. Afterward, we will apply the tint stroking from the beginning to the end of your brows.

Typically, the brow tint will last for three to four weeks on average.

Are You in Need of Brow Tinting in Orlando?

Lastly, it is our pleasure to provide you with the best eyebrow tinting! Our specialists are trained to give you healthy, beautiful brows. You should be able to show off your eyebrows with confidence! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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