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NEW – PDO Thread Lift

NEW – PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift

Appointments starting September 2020

We are so excited to announce our newest service: PDO Thread Lifts! PDO Threads are a revolutionary way to lift sagging skin to give a tighter & youthful appearance.

We will be offering PDO Thread Lifts for both the Face & Body:

Full Face

Brow Lift








PDO Thread Lift Orlando FL

Patients will see an instant lift of any sagging skin with PDO Thread Lifts. The results are not only seen right away but they get better over time.

The results of PDO Thread Lifts are noticeable, yet natural, so you never have to worry about looking “over-pulled”

No need to worry about permanent scarring left by surgical incisions. The procedure itself is far less invasive than a traditional facelift.

This procedure is non-surgical which means that the downtime is very minimal compared to getting a traditional facelift. Most people tend to return to work after the procedure.

PDO Threads will help stimulate your skin’s collagen production.

PDO Threads are very safe compared to many other procedures and carries very minimal risks involved

PDO Threads will help stimulate your skin’s collagen production.